Minnesota Department of Health launches 'Docket' app for access of immunization records

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Minnesotans can now easily access their immunization record through their smartphones or other mobile devices by using an app called Docket. Docket enables residents with a Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) record to securely view and share their immunization records. MIIC combines all immunizations a person has received into a single record, even if they were given by different health care providers in Minnesota.

Anyone who has a MIIC record can use the Docket app to access their record, including their COVID-19 vaccination. The app provides a PDF document of the immunization record that can be saved to your mobile device, printed, emailed, or texted as needed.

With Docket, users can see their immunization history from MIIC, check what vaccines they or their family may be due for, see what vaccines they may need in the future, and share immunization records for health, school, travel, and other purposes.

Download the free app by searching “Docket” on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Or, go to Docket to download the app.

Anyone who wants or needs access to their immunization record and does not have a smartphone or does not want to use the app can still request their immunization record from their health care provider or MDH. For more information, visit Find My Immunization Record at https://www.health.state.mn.us/people/immunize/miic/records.html.

Not able to access records with Docket?

If you cannot access your or your family’s immunization records through the Docket app, it may be because of incorrect information in MIIC (spelling, other names, old records, missing phone number or email, etc.). You can:

Contact your health care provider to update contact information in your MIIC immunization record.

Complete a MIIC Immunization Record Update Request. MDH staff will review the form and update the contact information in the MIIC immunization record. If staff are unable to find a MIIC record, they will contact you. Requests will be processed in the order they are received.

After your MIIC record is updated, retry your search in Docket by selecting the plus (+) sign on the "Immunization Search History" screen.

Using Docket is optional. If you would like to access you immunization record another way, please refer to option 2 below.

(1) Your family's immunization records refers to records for a person you are the parent/guardian of. You cannot request a record for your spouse/partner.

Option 2: Submit a request to MIIC

To request your personal MIIC record, or the record of a person who you are the parent/guardian of, complete a MIIC Immunization Record Request. Requests will be processed in the order they are received. Due to a high volume of requests, if you need a copy of your immunization record within the next 28 business days (6 calendar weeks), please contact your health care provider.

A parent or legal guardian can request records for children under the age of 18 years. Individuals over the age of 18 years old must request their own record. You cannot request a record for your spouse/partner.

MDH cannot provide a replacement CDC COVID-19 vaccine card. If you lost your COVID-19 vaccine card, you can request a copy of your immunization record, which includes the same information as the vaccine card, by using the Docket app or completing the request form above.

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