City of Crookston - Numbers indicate impact of City clean-up weeks

Mike Christopherson
Crookston Times

    No one has ever questioned the level of enthusiasm that many Crookston residents have for the City-coordinated Spring and Fall Clean-Up weeks held each year.

    But the numbers really hammer that notion home.

    Public Works Director Pat Kelly has released the numbers in the wake of 2021’s Spring Clean-Up Week held the last week of April. And keep in mind that Kelly says that a usual City garbage collection effort for a single week totals 4 to 5 tons of garbage collected.

    • 149 appliances were picked up.

    • 105 tires were picked up.

    • Approximately 50 tons of compost were picked up.

    • Just over 50 tons of garbage were picked up.

    • 84.22 tons of bypass material were picked up.

    Kelly defines bypass material, such as furniture, metal or wood items, as anything picked up at curbsides that is hauled directly to the Polk County Solid Waste Landfill. Household garbage, on the other hand, is hauled to the Polk County incinerator first. The county charges the City for bypass tonnage, and Kelly said the total fee for bypass hauled to the landfill as a result of Spring Clean-Up Week is $6,316.