Highland School 5th Grade Essays from Molly Cordes' Class


Ellie Rowan:

Hi, my name is Ellie. What Highland School means to me is kindness, because we have rules in this school. That is what teaches us to be kind. The teachers here make us feel like we’re home. Sometimes I don’t even want to leave.

For example, my teacher, Miss Cordes, makes everything colorful and fun. Our classroom is like a forest because we have leaves and fairy lights. We also have colorful posters and colorful lights.

We also have different classes like P.E., music, and computers. With music, there is regular music class, orchestra, band, and finally, choir. With P.E. and computers, they teach us different lessons.

My friends at Highland are nice and kind. In Highland, they let us talk to our friends and do partner projects. School would not be as fun without friends to talk to.

Well, that is how I describe Highland School. We also do fun activities around the holidays. We also have the bookfair around the time of conferences.

Cecilia Newquist:

This is what Highland School means to me. Our school is so fun to be in. All of the teachers make it so fun. 

Everyone at Highland School makes me feel welcome. Everyone here is so sweet and welcoming. I never want to leave for any other school.

Every teacher is so good at teaching us new things. Teachers let us play learning games to make it more fun. I am so happy my teacher is Ms. Cordes.

We have school rules that we all follow. They are do the right thing, do it to the best of your ability, and treat everyone with dignity and respect. Everyone at our school follows these rules.

My school is amazing and I never want to leave. I am so happy to be at Highland Elementary School.

Jordyn Delaney:

Highland School is a public school and is a nice and cool school. We all are nice and everyone in the school helps each other. That’s just some of the things.

All the teachers help and teach us. The teachers make fun math games. They also make us feel welcomed. Also, our orchestra teacher is nice because she helps us learn how to play.

The cops outside our school make it so we can enter the building safely. I can go to school feeling safe. I can also get home safe. When I walk up to school I can enter school safely.

The people here are nice when you need help/. When you need help, some of the students or teachers will help you if you need it. They help you if you get stuck on something. 

Highland School is a great school to go to. You find wonderful teachers and students, and everyone helps each other. The teachers do fun activities to help us learn math and other stuff too.