Highland School fifth grade essays: Susan Garmen's class

Submitted by Susan Garmen
Submitted by Susan Garmen
Axl Page

“Highland School” by Axl Page

Highland School is an awesome place to learn. Highland provides its students with new friends, four square, and classes. Do you want to come to Highland School?

Highland provides new friends for students. Highland helps kids get friends by getting them together in groups. Friends will help them in school.

Highland provides Four Square for kids at Recess and at Gym. Four Square is a good thing at Highland for kids, because it is competitive. Another reason why Four Square is a good thing at Highland is because it is a fun game.

Classes at Highland are good, because it gets kid’s minds thinking. Classes at Highland are good because they will help kids later in life. They will also help kids get jobs later on.

These are reasons why new friends, Four Square, and classes are great things at Highland School. These are the reasons Highland is a great place. You should come to Highland!

Kaylen Bedard

“Highland” by Kaylen Bedard

Highland School is an awesome place to learn a lot of things! Highland provides its students band, playground equipment, breakfast in the classroom, and more. Would you like to join Highland School?

Highland has a lot of music choices, like orchestra, choir, and band. I think band is the best. Band is very fun. You get to pick your own instrument like the trumpet, clarinet, flute, drums, and more. I play the clarinet and I LOVE it! You get to learn a lot of different songs and notes. You get to press keys that make different sounds.

Highland has a very fun playground and equipment. They have a lot of playground equipment such as jump ropes, four square balls, footballs, and more. My favorite playground game is Four Square. It’s a very fun game and it’s pretty easy too! Just not when there’s pros playing, you have to practice a lot to become a pro. I’m not a pro!

I like eating breakfast in the classroom instead of in the lunchroom. One reason I like this is because it’s less loud in the classroom than in the lunchroom. Here is one more reason why I like eating breakfast in the classroom. I like this because I like sitting in my own desk and not with other people because it’s kind of annoying.

And this is why I think Highland School is awesome! I could put more reasons too. I hope if you don’t attend Highland School you will join our school.

MaKenna Peterson

“Highland” by MaKenna Peterson

Highland School is an amazing place to learn. Highland provides its students a library, safety drills, and band and orchestra. Do you want to attend Highland School?

Highland has many things to do such as library. Everyone gets to go to the Library once a week and check out 1 to 2 books. It’s wonderful for kids to get books at the library so they don’t have to go to a public library.

There are so many things to do at Highland like orchestra and band. If you’re in 4th grade you can start orchestra. There are many instruments to play! Once you play an instrument you can play it all through high school.

Safety drills are very good to do to stay safe. Safety drills can keep you safe like if there’s a fire you can get out safely. If something happens, then you know what to do because of the safety drills.

Those are some reasons Highland is a fun place to learn. If you don’t attend Highland you should consider joining. You could make lots of new friends.

Micah Jackson

“Highland” by Micah Jackson

Highland School is awesome. At Highland you can get exquisite food, you can play dodgeball at gym, and meet new friends.

Gym class is my favorite class. Gym is my favorite because we get to play dodgeball and we get fit.

Lunch is the best! Lunch is miraculous because the food is grand and the chicken patty is the bomb.

New friends are astonishing. New friends are great because you have people to play with and you have people to help you.

These are the reasons why gym, friends, and lunch are terrific at Highland School