Pirate Fine Art Boosters approves art, music requests

Times Report
Crookston Times

Crookston School District's Pirate Fine Arts Boosters (PFAB) program recently approved a round of requests for music and art supplies for a total of $12,300.

Included items were:

• $1,500 for 4/4 violins and 13" violas for Orchestra

• $1,550 for University of North Dakota Band Day plus instruments for Band

• $2,000 for 30 classroom sets including soprano ukuleles for Elementary Music

• $750 for oil/acrylic paint, canvas and brushes for High School Art

• $2,500 for three Canon cameras with bags for Junior High Art

• $1,000 towards an Assistant Speech Coach for Speech

• $3,000 in funds held in the PFAB checkbook for Midget 1K follow spot for the Auditorium

"The mission of the Pirate Fine Arts Boosters is to promote, support and help fund the various fine arts programs in the Crookston Public Schools," board member Jim Kent told the Times.

Members of the PFAB board are Haley Ellis, Alvern Wentzel, Gary Stegman, Beth Carlson, Dale Knotek, Phyllis Hagen, Elaine Metzger, Greg Garmen, Trey Everett and Jim Kent.

Since its founding in 2001, PFAB has given back over $200,000 back to the arts programs in the public schools.