Principal Trostad: First week of school started off well, nice MCA test scores

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

The first week of school for Highland Elementary teachers and students started off "really well", says Principal Chris Trostad. They have had to make some changes to their schedules and COVID has been a "major concern", but Trostad is hopeful it will stay to a minimum "as long as possible."

"Our enrollment is down a bit at Highland School this year and part of that is due to sending a bigger class to the high school and bringing in a smaller class from Washington," he explained.

"We had some really nice MCA test scores in certain grades and some work to do in other grades," he added. "I am excited to see the results of our PRESS (Tier 1 & II) Intervention training for teachers. Teachers were provided with 1.5 days of training to help them identify the correct intervention for students and progress monitoring to know when to move on to a new intervention for students."

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