Superintendent Olson: Updates on mask mandates, graduation and next year

Crookston Times


Here are a couple of updates from Crookston Public Schools:

Mask Mandate in Schools: As you no doubt have heard, the mask mandate in Minnesota has just been dropped for the general public. The mask mandate however, has not been dropped for schools. Minnesota Schools are requiring masks through the end of this school year while in school buildings or on school transportation. 

Graduation: We are very happy to announce that this year's graduation will be a normal graduation with the exception that masks will be required. There will not be any capacity restrictions and social distancing will not be enforced, however, space will be offered to those choosing to socially distance. At the conclusion of the ceremony, we will dismiss by section to reduce the congestion at the doors and if weather allows we will encourage everyone to go outside for the traditional pictures and well wishes. Masks are still required as this event is subject to the MN indoor event guidance. We will communicate if there are any changes to this event guidance. Crookston Public Schools is incredibly excited to be able to hold this celebration of our students' success and congratulates the class of 2021! 

Next School Year: We are planning and preparing for what we believe will be a completely normal school year next year. I am excited to look towards next year and restart the work we have embarked on to make our school a better place for kids and families. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at 218-770-8717(cell) or email me at Go Pirates!

Superintendent Jeremy Olson