Athletes, coaches voice their appreciation for new CHS weight room

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

    Crookston High School girls softball athletes filled the choir and orchestra room Monday during the School Board’s meeting to thank them for the new weight room and shared that the ease of the new space has helped with their exercise regimens. District parent and coach Nate Lubarski plus Activities Director Greg Garmen also took turns at the podium wanting to publicly thank the board.

    Lubarski said attendance has grown consistently to around 36-40 kids during his supervision time slot.

    “This new equipment provides quality to build techniques and strengths to our education program,” he explained. “It has the abiilty to touch all our students in some way.”

    CHS juniors Libby Salentine and Jenna Coauette thanked the board on behalf of themselves and their team.

    “Ricocheting on what Nate Lubarski said, we thank you for the weight room,” explained Salentine. “The new equipment is really easy and we have the ability to lift with leisure. It’s nice to be able to use it.”

    “The new weight room provides an advanced and safe work-out,” added Coauette. “I work out five days a week and look forward to advancing my career starting in the weight room.”

    Garmen acknowledged that the board “writes the check” but wanted to let them know what they’re doing when they approve those items.

    “It’s a night and day difference,” said Garmen, referring to the old weight room vs. the new weight room. “A lot of younger kids, we’re getting them started. Some are there at 6 a.m. I think it’s going to grow as we plan for this summer.”

    “Kids are a little more excited to get to the weight room,” he added. “They seem to be having fun. With our weather and finding places to go inside (we) have a good place to go now. It’s really a big deal, larger than you think.”

    Board chair Frank Fee said he appreciates all the work put into the new weight room and board member Mike Theis added that it “means a lot” for the softball players and coach to come to the meeting and let them know that it’s being used.

    “Thank you for taking the time, knowing it’s money well spent,” said Theis. “Now let’s get better than the others so we can kick some butt.”