Notebook: Football/track facility planning committee; music trip; strategic planning

Mike Christopherson
Crookston Times

    Here are some newsworthy nuggets from the most recent Crookston School Board meeting:

    • Superintendent Jeremy Olson lauded the inaugural meeting of the community planning committee that will tackle just what a new Pirate football and track and field facility at the high school might look like. Olson said he was especially impressed with the turnout; it’s a large committee.

    The group’s next meeting is set for March 31, but the superintendent, citing the lengthy “laundry list” of homework items that the committee gave him at its first meeting, left open the possibility that the second meeting would be postponed because he has so much information to track down and questions to answer.

    • The board officially approved the postponement of the 2021 Crookston High School Music trip to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida until March of 2022, which was the recommendation of the music trip parent group.

    Group chair Chris Fee told the board it was a “very difficult” decision because of the 15 to 20 seniors who won’t be going on a trip, but otherwise was a “very easy” decision because of continued COVID-19 pandemic concerns. Fee said it was simply too daunting to try to figure out how to bring such a large group to Florida, and then come up with plans in case a student, teacher or chaperone contracted the virus.

    The seniors had the money they’d raised refunded to them, and Fee noted that some of them seemed pretty happy to get the money.

    Although he stressed that the trip is about marching in a DisneyWorld parade and its educational components and being able to learn from DisneyWorld musicians, Fee also noted that even though DisneyWorld is open again, there are several rides and areas of the park that are not yet open, and he also noted that several restaurants aren’t fully open, either.

    Another music trip to Florida is scheduled for three years from now, he said, in order to keep the trips on their normal four-year rotation.

    The same group that was fundraising and planning to go on the 2021 trip will go on the 2022 trip.

    Incoming freshmen in the fall will go on the 2025 trip and not the 2022 trip because they wouldn’t have enough time to raise the necessary funds, Fee said.

    • The pandemic put the school district’s strategic planning efforts on the back-burner, Olson noted, but, he added, teachers and staff continued to “work very hard” on one of the district’s primary tenets, “communication and relationships.”

    The next component to be addressed is establishing a “culture of high expectations.” School-level discussions are commencing on that topic, Olson said, and it also needs to be discussed at the administrative level, including himself and the school board.

    The board scheduled a strategic planning session for Monday, April 12 at 5 p.m.