CHS Prom will include after-party, to be held at the high school

Mike Christopherson

It’s looking more and more like the 2021 Crookston High School Prom will feature all of the activities typically associated with the annual April event, except the actual dance.

That includes a modified after-prom party, CHS Principal Eric Bubna told the school board this week. With the University of Minnesota Crookston campus remaining restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic when it comes to hosting public groups on campus, Bubna said the annual after-prom party “Blast to Bede” will be held at the high school. It will include games, entertainment and lots of prizes as usual, he added, but will likely conclude around midnight instead of continuing until early the next morning. Bubna said a parent group is starting to plan the after-prom event.

Prior to that, grand march will be held at CHS, followed by a dinner for prom attendees. But, saying it’s “kind of a bummer,” Bubna said the actual dance is a no-go. Even if social distance guidelines are reduced from six feet to three feet, he said no high school students will want to dance with their partner several feet away.

Superintendent Jeremy Olson said the Minnesota Department of Health on Wednesday is expected to conduct a conference call with school nurses across the state to discuss prom parameters. Hinting at his continued frustration with mixed messages coming from the State, Olson said there was some recent confusing information released about “student celebrations,” with some of the guidance language subsequently being taken out of context and leading to conflicting conclusions. Then the student celebration language was retracted, the superintendent added.

Olson said he hoped to have more specific guidance in relation to prom after Wednesday’s conference call. But he’s not holding his breath.

“Like everything, it will be like, here’s what they’re doing, now they’re doing something different, and then we wait and see,” he added.