Highland Elementary School fifth grade essays for American Education Week

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    American Education Week in 2020 will be celebrated November 16-20 and the annual event presents the opportunity to honor public education and individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every student receives a quality education.

    Highland teachers Kristi Griffin, Kerri Brantner, Susan Garmen, and Erica Uttermark have submitted essays from a few highlighted students who tell their audience why they love going to school at Highland, plus some of the things that make their classrooms and school unique.

Kristi Griffin's Class

Abigail Lane

    Highland is a good place to learn and grow here's why.

    I like breakfast because sometimes I don’t need to wake up super early to eat. I don’t need to wake up my brother and make him crabby because we can just eat here. And i'm glad the school knows about covid and jobs so we get free breakfasts and i really appreciate that because it's so thoughtful even though I don't really have any struggles but for the people that do.

    I like lunch because it is good for me because we’re not home. I like lunch because it is good for me because we’re not home. We need energy so it’s good that we have school lunches. I don't like it when my stomach is not full because it nags and nags at me and it gets annoying.

    I think it’s good we that we have parties because we can earn them and have something different. I like them because it’s one day out of the week, month, year and we have to earn it so we don’t just get it our class will grow when they earn something good.

    Highland is a great school because the nurse and office staff are so kind to kids. They help all in need and try and understand the pain so they know what to do. I really like my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Griffin. She is super kind to all her kids. She helps us learn and does things with us. She helps helps and helps, so I thank her for that.

    That’s what Highland means to me and I think that it's a great place to learn and grow, grow with you friends and teachers.

Colin Trudeau

    I like many things about Highland. I like eating breakfast in the classroom because it helps me focus and get my mind off of food. I like the gym. It is fun and gives you a break from learning. I like recess because it gives me fresh air.

    Breakfast at the classroom is helpful at Highland. I don’t have to worry about eating because I eat at school.breakfast in the classroom is really helpful and it helps me get my mind off of food and it helps me focus.

    Highland has kind and patient teachers. Teachers are really nice if you don’t make them mad.We are really thankful because I learn a lot of stuff and it is hard for teachers because they have to teach online and in person.Teachers are patience because they have to what for the kids to be quiet.

    I like going to my specials classes. like gym because we get to run around and play team dodgeball. I like computers because we get to explore and do kind of hard work. Music is fun because on friday we don’t just have to do music but some fun game are drum beat and freeze dance.

    Finally, HIghland is a great place. I love having breakfast in the classroom, the kind teachers and my favorite part is gym.Then i like recess because i can play with my friends.

Rowan Benoit

    Highland is a great place to learn and grow, we get to use chromebooks and we have nice teachers and we have a big gym to run.

    At Highland we are lucky to have chromebooks. I like the chromebooks because we have most of are work on the chromebooks I like the chrome books because they have resources that help us. We are lucky that everyone gets their own chromebook.

    There are great teachers at Highland. The teachers at Highland are kind and helpful. They are hard working all day to help us learn. I like Highland because all the teachers want us to learn and be bright and smart student’s.

    Specials classes are really fun. Gym is my favorite because we get to learn new sports, and tricks. I like computers because we learn to be safe online, and we can play fun games.

    I like Highland because it has nice teachers and all teachers help us. I like Highland because it has chromebooks and that is what we do most of our work on. I like to go to the gym because we can run around and stretch our legs.

Kerri Brantner's Class

Nora Groven

    I love Highland.  It’s a great place to be and there are so many reasons why I love it.

    One thing that I love about Highland is the wonderful music options.  I love music class and I love to sing.  The concert every year is always super fun.  I think that it is amazing that the school offers band, orchestra, and choir.  It’s awesome that students get involved in the world of music.

    Another awesome amenity is the fact that we get to go swimming.  We get to go swimming in the spring for phy ed and sometimes just for fun.  Swimming is really special because I didn’t go swimming for school at my old school.  Swimming is always extremely fun every single time we go.

    Field trips are also a big part of the year.  At the end of each year we always go on spectacular field trips.  The museums and zoos are super exciting.  Field trips are a fun reward for all our hard work.  

    Highland is simply an amazing place to be and has so many great things about it.  At Highland you can get an awesome education and have a ton of fun!

Kylah Boman

    Highland is a great school to go to.  There are nice teachers and cool places to go.  

    I like to go to a program called Kindness Hearts.  It is a great place that you go to if your mom, dad or sibling died.  You get to do some cool art, and also you get to eat pizza and drink pop.

    The Nature Center is a cool space outside.  There are some bridges and benches.  There’s also snakes and mice, and also one time my class and I were in the Nature Center and someone picked up a birdhouse and a mouse popped out of it!

    I like choir because I love to sing, and I get to see and hang out with my friends from other classes.

    There are my favorite things at Highland, but there are many more great things here at Highland.  I also loved sharing my favorite things to do here.

Evan Wagner

    These are some of the things I like at school.  Also, it’s nice to be back at school!

    Some of the games in gym I like are, Dodgeball, because I like to dodge the balls.  I also like Brawn Football, because I like to run around the bases!

    I like Afterschool Care, because we get to play outside!  We also get to play Dodgeball!

    In music it is fun to play instruments like boomwackers!  It’s also fun to play games like 7Up, Heads or Tails and Bingo!

    I just love being at school. It’s also nice to be with my friends again.  I hope that we don’t go online for school again.

Susan Garmen's Class

Kairi Jacobson

    What does Highland School mean to you? This is what Highland School means to me. It means friends, help from aides, and amazing, kind teachers. These are some of the reasons why Highland School is important to me.

    Friends are one of my favorite things about Highland School! Why friends are one of my favorite things about Highland School is because I have people to play with there. I can help them with stuff that they need help with. You can also make new friends at school and even hangout with them every day. Friends are fun!

    I like getting help from awesome aides. Why I like getting help from awesome aides is because if the teacher is helping another student and when you need help, they can help you instead. Also, I like our aides. They are nice and they can help you and groups of kids.

    The teachers at Highland School are very respectful, caring, and kind. The teachers help students if they are having a hard time. Teachers at Highland School are teaching students new things.

    There are many great things about Highland School. My favorite things are playing with friends, getting help from the aides, and I like the kind teachers. This is why I love Highland School.

Ezra Portillo

    What does Highland School mean to you? This is what Highland School means to me: we get recess, we get art opportunities, and we get to hang out with our friends. These are some of the reasons Highland School is the best.

    One of my favorite things to do at school is going outside for recess. Recess is fun because we get to play and hangout with our friends. Also, due to Covid-19 we are lucky that we get to go outside for recess and get to play on the playground.

    At Highland School we get art opportunities. I love art, so when we get to have art it makes me happy. Also, when we get art it relaxes me.

    At Highland School we get to see our friends. We are able to play with our friends at recess. Lastly, we can talk and hangout with our friends.

    There are many outstanding things about Highland School. My favorite things about Highland School are recess, art, and we get to see our friends. This is why I think Highland School is the best.

Ella Anderson

    What does Highland School mean to you? This is what Highland School means to me: library opportunities, chrome book opportunities, and math opportunities. These are some of the things that I like about Highland School.

    Library opportunities are the best. We get to read and reading is fun! We get to look for different kinds of genres to read.

    Chrome book opportunities are amazing! We get to learn how to type faster. We get to go on Clever and Sumdog.

    Math opportunities are so much fun. You get to learn how to do division and multiplication. You get to learn how to do math better than you could before.

    This is how I would describe Highland School. My favorite things are library, chrome books, and math. This is why I love Highland School.

Peyton Krenzel

    What does Highland School mean to you? This is what Highland School means to me: library, music opportunities, and the lunch ladies. These are some of the reasons Highland School is important.

    We have library once a week. Not many schools have a library so we are very lucky. We get the opportunity to check out books.

    We get the opportunity to play music. Some kids can participate in choir, orchestra, or band. We have special instruments and radios to help with choir, orchestra, and band.

    The lunch ladies are very nice. The lunch ladies give you a smile when you walk through the lunch line. They will also talk to you when we walk through the line.

    There are so many great things about Highland. At Highland we have library, music opportunities, and also great lunch ladies. This is why I love Highland School.

Erica Uttermark's Class

Jayde U.

    What Highland means to me is that it is a school that is very welcoming. Our classroom is a certified Choose Kind classroom.  Everyone who works at Highland will help you with anything you need. Mrs Uttermark is one of the best teachers ever!  In her classroom, you will do stem projects, be able to code dash and dot and a lot more with her like art projects too.

    One thing  I love about Highland is that I can be with my friends,Abi, Maddie and Sylvia. If I wasn't at school,  I would have never met my 3 best friends and that 1 of the reasons I love Highland. One thing I love about Highland is that the staff make you feel like you belong, that they will be there for you and that's why if you have a kid,  I think that you send them to Highland.

    The teachers here at Highland make you feel welcome like you're part of one of their family. The one person who is most important in my life is Mrs. Geist because if I am having a hard time reading, she is always there to help.   She has made it a lot easier because she has taught me strategies and always believed in me. Her and Mrs. Brekken makes a great team.

    Coming to Highland helps you to have a bright future! All of the teachers and staff are so nice.  They all make you feel like you can do this even though it is really really hard.

    Highland is amazing because of the people here. They are so kind they make you feel like you're at home and just are kind to you. I love Highland! It is an amazing place where you can do fun things while learning and growing.  Another awesome thing about Highland is that you can choose to be in band, choir and orchestra. I like playing the violin and I'm lucky enough to be using my great great grandpa's violin.

    I want to say thank you to Highland Elementary School for helping me! I don't know where I would be without Highland Elementary School.

Gavin R.

    My school is Highland Elementary and I'm proud of it. I've made lots of friends and learned a lot. Highland is my school.

    To me Highland Elementary is a place to learn and grow. It is where we make friends and learn new things.  The teachers are so kind and helpful to all the kids and help us to stay safe during this time. Our class is very kind and always hard working. It is a choose kind classroom. Sometimes we make mistakes, but that's how we learn to be a better person.

    The teachers want all the kids to grow in their learning. The teachers work hard to help the kids get smarter, kinder, and so much more. We all are here to learn. Sometimes we mess up, but we always fix it. They keep us social distanced, remind us to keep are masks on, and don't get too close to each

    The cooks work hard to keep us safe when serving us our lunches. They always make the lunchess good and tasty. I am thankful they make us food so we don't get hungry. They all are just trying to keep us all safe.

    We do lots of STEM projects like candy towers and other stuff. They are fun and help us learn about science. I also love when we get to build tones of big cool things for STEM.

    In conclusion, Highland is the best school for me.   

Kolton B.

    Highland School means to me that all the teachers are nice. They help me be smarter. The cooks do a lot of cooking. I love the food. It's so good. The playground is so big that I can have fun. The school is just so amazing. The reason I love this school is because it is such a great school. What makes it a great school is everyone is very supportive. People are supportive by always caring about us students and they are always trying to make you smarter.

    Highland School is big enough that there are a lot of opportunities. Students learn  how to be a better version of themselves.  The students are always trying to do their best to get smarter. Their teachers are teaching them how to do the right thing. That is how all the teachers are nice. They help all of the children be smarter.

    Highland School is just so amazing.The school and teachers have done so much for us in our lives. The cooks help us. I have fun with my friends when we eat. Thank you Highland School and staff for everything you have done for me.

Maddie H.

    What Highland School Means to Me is that you can learn so much and that everyone wants you to smile or shine. Everyone is so welcoming and kind. We have the best teachers that are welcoming to everyone in the building.    

    The lunches here are healthy and have a lot of love. One thing that everyone loves to play in is the Nature center where we go to learn and make friendships. We love to have a library where we can go to learn about whatever we want to learn about.

    There are kind people in school.Highland is so kind and helpful to everyone.The staff here want everyone to have a great time and equation. The staff want everyone to be safe and kind to others.The staff are so nice and sweet to everyone. Things might get out of hand but they always have it under control.     

    Everyone is willing to help you. No matter what happens they always have your back. Everyone is willing to help you because they are setting you up for success. Everyone is on your side and they are willing to help you.        

        Some people that are important to me are Mrs. Uttermark, Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. Hanson ( my mom ) and Miss Nicole. They are so nice and I appreciate them a lot.     

    In choir and orchestra and when I'm there I have so much fun. My teachers are so kind and I am so thankful for them.When I´m in them, they are not on the same days. I have a lot of friends in both choir and orchestra and my teacher is kind. kids have a great time here and they have a lot of fun.    

    No matter what happens they always have your back. Highland is so kind and helpful to everyone. What Highland School Means to Me is that you can learn so much and that everyone wants you to smile or shine.

Highland Elementary School