Crookston woman charged with false imprisonment

Times Report
Crookston Times

    A Crookston woman has been charged with false imprisonment and fifth-degree assault after allegedly “luring” two juveniles to an apartment for purposes of committing an assault. Alicia Ann Johnson, 21, faces over three years in jail, $6,000 in fines, or both, if convicted.

    According to court documents, on January 13, 2021, Crookston Police investigated a report of an incident of false imprisonment and an assault which reportedly took place on January 12, 2021 at a Crookston apartment on North Broadway. It was reported that J.M. and K.C., both juvenile females, were lured to the apartment for purposes of committing an assault against J.M.

    Both J.M. and K.C. told police that J.M. received communication and texts from Alicia Johnson requesting that J.M. return to the North Broadway apartment to “chill” and visit. J.M. said she was reluctant to go back to the apartment with Johnson as she was having a dispute with J.B., an associate of Johnson’s. Johnson allegedly told J.M. that J.B. would not be present and that J.M. and Johnson would be alone in the apartment so that they could socialize. J.M. agreed to go over to Johnson’s apartment as long as K.C. could be present as well, and J.M. told officers Johnson obliged. Johnson then reportedly picked up J.M. and K.C. and then drove them to her residence at approximately 10 p.m.

    J.M. and K.C. told police that after entering Johnson’s apartment that Lilliana Garcia emerged from the back of the apartment along with J.B. J.M. and K.C. reported that they attempted to leave but that Johnson and Garcia physically blocked the door as well as locked the door preventing them from “escaping.” J.M. and K.C. then said Garcia physically assaulted J.M. by repeatedly striking her in the head while J.M. tried to block Garcia’s blows with her hands. J.M. claimed she did not fight back and both J.M. and K.C. reported that Garcia also threatened K.C. with physical violence if K.C. attempted to intervene on behalf of J.M. Both J.M. and K.C. reported they were allowed to leave after J.M. was assaulted and J.M. stated that she believes Johnson lured them to her residence in order to assist Garcia commit the assault.

    Crookston police officers reported they obtained photographs of J.M.’s hands that corroborated her statement, said the complaint.

    Alicia Johnson was arrested on January 14, 2021 and, after a Crookston detective obtained a Mirandized statement from her, Johnson reportedly confessed to bringing J.M. and K.C. to her residence for purposes of allowing Garcia to confront J.M. Johnson also admitted that the door was locked and that Garcia assaulted J.M. after K.C. and J.M. were prevented from fleeing. After the assault, K.C. and J.M. were allowed to leave, she added in her statement.