CPD: Residents reporting a variety of scam calls

Times Report
Crookston Times

    Once again phone scams seem to be occurring more frequently than usual. The Crookston Police Department is receiving reports of variations to the scams but, none-the-less, they’re all scams.

    The most recent reports include scammers having the ability to make a caller ID display a local number. Because of that, most people are going to answer those calls. As soon as you realize it’s not who you thought it would be, you should hang up. Don’t say anything more, just hang up.     Although the CPD does not advise trying to call the scammers back, some recipients of these calls have done this thinking they might find out who made the call. To their surprise an entirely unrelated phone rings and the person who owns that phone and number have no idea it was being used by scammers.

    Most calls reported recently have stated that it was someone from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol saying something about a package being sent by the person answering and that package contained illegal things. The caller is asking for personal information from the recipient of the call such as Social Security number or other personal identifying information.

    There are still being reports received about calls received from the Social Security Administration stating that the person’s Social Security number has been compromised; as always remember the Social Security Administration does not call people and will instead send letters via US Mail.

    Local law enforcement for years has advised citizens to not answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number. If you receive these types of calls you are urged to not give out any personal information and to hang up immediately. Do not try to call them back.