City of Crookston clean-up week will be the end of October

Mike Christopherson
Crookston Times

    A sense of at least semi-normalcy will return to the Crookston community in late October, in the form of Fall Clean-Up Week.

    The Crookston City Council made it official this week that, after having to cancel Spring Clean-Up Week due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fall Clean-Up Week is on. It will be conducted Oct. 26-30.

    Back in the spring, when 2020’s first clean-up week was cancelled, council members talked about possibly moving up the fall event, if it was going to be held, to September. But this week, they decided to stick with its typical time, the last week of October. Although winter has arrived particularly early the last couple of years and made Fall Clean-Up Week a cold, wet and even snowy event, Public Works Director Pat Kelly said there usually isn’t snow on the ground in October, and that Crookston residents want the opportunity to bring bags of leaves and other fall yard materials to their curbside to be picked up in late October. In September for the most part,  he said, the trees are still full of leaves.

    “If we move it ahead (to September), there will be tons of calls,” Kelly said. “I suppose we do take a chance with snow, but people want to put their leaves out.”