Warren Strandell's The County Line - Primary numbers, election thoughts

District 2 Polk County Commissioner

    Without getting into the politics, here are few numbers from the Primary that might be of interest. The numbers are those the media generally doesn’t report (probably because they aren’t of a lot of interest to most):

    • Polk County, with a population estimate of 31,364 has 16,702 registered voters. Of that number, 28 registered on Election Day. 4,774 persons voted in the Primary. This represented 28.58% of the registered voters.

    • Republicans cast 2,067 ballots, or 43.3% of the total.

    • Democrats cast 2,174 ballots, or 45.5% of the total.

    • Nonpartisan voters cast 9.95% of the total while the Legalize Marijuana issue drew 38 voters, or .8%.

    Of contests with races of significance in Minnesota’s massive District 7 are these totals from Polk County:

    • Michelle Fischbach received 1,035 Republican votes to be the U.S. Representative candidate, or 50.56% of the total. Dave Hughes received 620 votes, 30.29%, and Noel Collis got 336 votes, or 16.41%.

    • Congressman Collin Peterson received 81.69% of the Democrat votes, while Alycia Gruenhagen received 11.07% and Stephen Emery received 7.24%.

    • For U.S. Senator on the Republican ballot, Jason Lewis received 1,298 votes or 14.29%, while John Berman received 281 votes, or 14.29%, and Cynthia Gail received 205 votes, 10.43%.

    • Democratic voters gave Senator Tina Smith 1,672 votes, or 82% of the vote total in her effort to win a full term. Her main challenger was Steve Carlson who received 188 votes or 9.22%.

     There were no Primary contests in Polk County. Primaries are held when there are more than two candidates for an office. Primary Elections are held to narrow the field to two candidates for the General Election.

    Polk County voters will pick three commissioners in Election voting on Nov. 3.

    Polk County has 63 of its 82 precincts that vote by Mail. Largely because of restrictions imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this number increased by six from the total prior to the Presidential Primary in March. It is likely that additional precincts could opt for mail balloting before the Election in November.

    Thoughts expressed in this column are those of the author and are not necessarily a reflection of the opinions of the other members of the Polk County Board of Commissioners.