Times Editorial - Do what's best for Crookston or move along

Jess Bengtson

    At a recent meeting involving a group of leaders in the community, a proposed project idea was mentioned and, because of who was involved in said proposed project, one of the leaders immediately expressed their opposition without taking the time to hear more about the project and wasn’t very willing to discuss the project any further. Looking from the outside in, one might think that was unfair to the project, the person leading it and the community. Being on the “inside” looking out, it was easy to see there’s still some work to do on making sure our leaders, whether elected, appointed, hired or volunteer, need to try harder to refrain from taking “sides” and do what’s best for Crookston.

    Fast forward to the future, whether that’s a year from now or five years from now. What do you want to see happen for Crookston? Would you like to see an increase in downtown businesses? Traffic calming to get people to slow down and pay attention? A community center in the old Cathedral? A new town square? New apartments overlooking the Red Lake River? A new soybean/biodiesel plant? New downtown sidewalks? A new campground? A new high school football field and track? More playgrounds? More gym space? An addition on the Crookston Sports Center? More events? More daycares? Better marketing of all of Crookston’s amenities?

    Seriously, take some time to think about what’s included in your “vision” for Crookston. Does it matter who makes these things happen as long as they happen? Should it matter as long as it’s what’s best for Crookston? That’s the point trying to be made here.

    If you’re a leader in this community, you need to keep what’s best for Crookston at the front of every thought and conversation. Not what’s best for you and the people you “like”, what’s best for Crookston. If you can’t stop yourself from picking sides, you need to move along or step down because there are people out there ready to make a real change for the good.