Letter to the Editor - Candidates who claim personal choice are just sugar-coating what is the murder of infants

Paul and Eunice Bremer

    For the past three weeks we have been watching the fallout of the killing of George Floyd. There is no doubt in our minds that this was an illegal killing perpetuated by a police officer. It should be punished as a murder of whatever degree the evidence supports with full police investigation. This should not be done via TV pundits, rioting mobs, or even peaceful protesters, who have all too often fallen under the undue influence without hearing the whole story.

    On the 5th of June a memorial was held in Minneapolis and other locations which thousands of people observed around the nation. This was for a man who two weeks ago was unknown to most of the country. Only family, friends, and co-workers knew him. According to press reports, he was a loving father, brother and son, who was just minding his own business and trying to make a life for himself and did not deserve such a death.

    So why are we writing today? His last words were, "I can't breathe." So we also, when will we have a memorial for the millions of babies (Yes, Babies) who never were given a chance to breathe. None had a knee on their necks. No, they were burned with salt water solution, torn limb from limb with forceps, and others were given doses of toxic chemicals before they had a chance to attach within the womb. Still others were spared these methods so they could develop long enough good body parts that could be sold to dealers. These are used in various ways.

    How many of these, given a chance at life could have been loving members as Mr. Floyd has been reported to be? Maybe one or more of them could have been a finder of a cancer sure or something similar. Maybe one could grow up to be a president that would lead this country or even the world to peace. Maybe some would have been just plain Joe's and Jane's looking for a peaceful happy productive life, like most of us.

    News reports refer to systemic racism as the cause of the trouble. Racism is a personal character flaw. You and I cannot truly hate a person on behalf of someone else. You hate because you want to.

    The only way to change that is to love your neighbor as yourself, regardless of creed or color.

    Please consider our thoughts as you think over the choices offered you in the November election. Will you choose candidates who value all life, including babies not yet born? Candidates who claim personal choice are just sugar coating what is murder of infants.