Welcome Home Crookston initiative revitalized

Submitted by the Crookston Area Chamber

In collaboration with the Crookston Area Chamber, Crookston Visitors Bureau, Downtown Crookston Development Partnership, and select community partners,  the Welcome Home Crookston Committee has regrouped in efforts to revitalize this much desired program for all new individuals and families establishing residency in Crookston.  We invite you to consider taking advantage of this opportunity to further promote and showcase the great things you have to offer at your organization/business.  Please know that this is NOT exclusive to Chamber members; this is open to all organizations and businesses in Crookston. The Welcome Home Crookston Bags would be offered to every new resident whether they be renters or home buyers. 

Chamber members are invited to include swag/promotional items in the welcome bag, while non-Chamber members are invited to include promotional discounts or coupons.  If you would like to be a part of this program, contact Mark Landa at the Chamber, 281.4320 or mlanda@visitcrookston.com , or simply drop off your items at the Chamber.  Mark would also be a great source if you would like to become a Chamber member or have questions. 

Our go-live date is January 2, 2022, which allows ample time for you to prepare and/or order your favorite swag items. One option would be Erickson Embroidery to assist with those items. 

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression; make it a good one!

Welcome Home Crookston