Weasner presents at her final tax hearing

Mike Christopherson
Crookston Times

    Angel Weasner, the City of Crookston finance director for the past eight-plus years, presented at her final City budget and taxation public hearing this week. She’s been hired as city administrator in Park Rapids and her last day in Crookston will be Jan. 15, 2021.

Items of note

    It’s been previously reported that the City’s 2021 property tax levy is increasing 4% over 2020. That amounts to an additional $89,308 for City operations.

    Here are some notable tidbits from Weasner’s presentation:

    • The City of Crookston was incorporated on Feb. 14, 1879.

    • The City in 2021 will employ 61 full-time employees, the same as in 2020. Dating back to 2011, the City has employed either 60 or 61 full-time staff.

    • 64% of general fund revenue in 2021 will come from state Local Government Aid.

    • Of the 2021 general fund expenses, the Crookston Police Department (at 36.51%) and Crookston Fire Department (at 15.1%) account for more than half of expenses. The next largest expense is Public Works, at 22.66%. Overall, general fund spending in 2021 compared to 2020 will increase by 2.94%.

    • The 2010 Census estimated there were 3,029 households in Crookston. A state demographer says the current estimate is 3,246. The 2021 levy, based on that number, equates to $722.22 per year per household, or $60.19 per month.

    • An April 2019 population estimate for Crookston had the population inch back up over the 8,000 mark, to 8,019.

City Finance Director Angel Weasner presents at her final tax hearing