Golden Link: ‘Papa Jerry’ wins contest

Crookston Times

    The winner of the Golden Link Senior Center Grandparents Day contest is Viggo Fischer, whose grandpa is Crookston resident Jerry Knutson.

    The contest was open to the public for all children in kindergarten through sixth grade and the winner received $100 in Chamber Bucks.

    Here is Viggo’s submission:

    Name: Viggo Fischer

    Grade: 4

    Grandparent’s Name: Jerry Knutson

    What are your grandparent’s favorite things to do? Papa Jerry likes to paint and plant flowers in his garden.

    Where did your grandparent grow up? In a small town near Wakonda, SD

    What did your grandparent like to do when they were your age? Papa Jerry liked to ride ponies; and he even rode one to school.

    What is your grandparent’s favorite song, book, movie, food? Song: Amazing Grace, Author: Mitch Albom, Movie: Black Panther, Food: Spaghetti.

    Has your grandparent traveled? He lived in England and traveled all over Europe.

    What is your favorite thing to do with your grandparent? I like to eat his famous tuna pasta salad with him.

    What is your favorite memory of your grandparent? Going to Ox Cart Days with him.

Jerry Knutson and his grandson, Viggo