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Senior piano players highlighted by Mount St. Benedict

Crookston Times

    This past spring the Mount St. Benedict Music Department was to present two Piano Senior recitals on April 5, 2020 and May 24, 2020 but because of the Covid – 19 everything was canceled.

    Piano Instructor Sister Dominica Gerszewski, MMTA, highlights her five Crookston High School seniors and their piano tenure.

    “Cassidy Baatz, daughter of Judy and Scott Baatz, was prepared to play selections by Beethoven, Roubos, Schubert, Beach, Kaylor and a piano duet, Diabelli, with Kathryn Halos. Cassidy Baatz has taken lessons for eight years.”

    “Audrey Harbott, daughter of Stephanie and Cory Harbott, was prepared to play pieces from Grieg, Gillock, Beethoven, and Yeruma. She had also planned to play duets with Thor and Madeline Harbott and Eliza Meyer. Audrey has taken lessons for 11 years.”

    “Kathryn Halos, daughter of Mary Jo and Brian Halos, was ready to play selections from Beethoven, Kaylor, Mier, and Rollin. Kathryn’s violin selection by Sibelius would have been accompanied by George French. She was also prepared to play a piano duet, Diabelli, with Cassidy Baatz. Kathryn has taken lessons for twelve years.”

    “Eliza Meyer, daughter of Judy and David Meyer, prepared selections from Mozart, Gracia, Beethoven, and Clementi”.

    “Eliza and Audrey Harbott had prepared two duets from Giacchimo and Alexander. Eliza had taken lessons for ten years. Halos, Meyer, and Eliza and Audrey Harbot were to have performed on April 5, 2020.”

    “Katherine Geist, daughter of Sara and Dan Geist, was scheduled to play on May 24, 2020. The composers we would have heard were Bach, Chaminade, Lecuona, Verne, Kaylor, Clementi, Tchaikovsky. Katherine’s father, Dan Geist was to have accompanied her on the guitar on two selections from Isbell. Katherine took lessons for eleven years.”

    “Katherine Geist and Cassidy Baatz both took part in the MMTA ( Minnesota Music Teachers Association) piano contest and were winners several times and played in the 20 Piano Honors Concert – which is a great honor.”

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