Clayton Briggs first 'Adopt a Hydrant' winner

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Crookston Times

Clayton Briggs has been selected as a winner for the Adopt A Hydrant program.

"Clayton has been doing a great job keeping hydrants in his area cleared out for years," said the Crookston Fire Department. "He has adopted 11 hydrants in his area."

"He has kept the hydrants along Albert St, Stearns St., and parts of North Broadway cleared after snowfall and after plows have gone by," they added. "He’s hoping his example will influence others to take part in the program to keep Crookston safe. He has signed up to adopt his hydrants every year since we have asked for the public to sign up and show support with keeping hydrants clear."

For his efforts, Clayton will be receiving a gift card to Hong’s Restaurant.

If you would like a chance to win a gift card, it’s simple. Call or email the Crookston Fire Department with the information on the hydrant you would like to adopt and keep it clean and accessible for firefighters. Winners that are selected will win a gift card of to a business in Crookston of their choice.

"The Crookston Fire Department would like to thank Clayton again for his efforts in helping keep the community safe."

Crookston Fire Department – 218-281-4584 or Crookston Fire Email-

Clayton Briggs - Adopt a Hydrant winner