Keona Arnold lends artistic talents at B&E Meats

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

Art can pop up at even the most unique places and it just so happens B&E Meats has a resident artist. B&E employee Keona Arnold, who is a sophomore in high school, has been sketching on their display board for months and it's drawing the attention of customers.

Keona has been creating art since she was little and her mom, Amber, says her work has transitioned from their furniture and walls to more constructive places like the classroom and at her place of employment. Arnold has sketched characters at B&E and does pencil drawings and ceramics at home and at school.

"Nancy (Boucher) used to do the drawings on the board (at B&E) and she saw my doodles on my arm and told me I was doing the board next time," Arnold explained. "My friends that work here and I try to come up with things to draw like a grill with brats and Uncle Sam for the Fourth of July; the Grinch is probably the best one."

"It's really hard to use Expo markers for people as there's not much option for contrast and contour," she joked.

"We're beyond lucky for the hidden talents of Keona," said B&E Meats in a Facebook post on December 3. "She has been the creativity behind all of our whiteboard creations for the last few months."

Keona hasn't entered any art competitions, but it's something she has thought of. In the next two years she plans to take painting and drawing art classes in school. She's currently playing basketball for Crookston High School and spends her free time drawing. When she gets older she'd like to incorporate her art into baking.

Keona Arnold ceramics creation
Keona Arnold colored pencil sketch
Keona Arnold colored pencil sketch
Keona Arnold sketching the Grinch
Keona Arnold created the Grinch board at B&E Meats
Keona Arnold and her ice fishing drawing at B&E Meats
Keona Arnold pencil sketch
Keona Arnold pencil sketch
Keona Arnold pencil sketch
Keona Arnold Uncle Sam board drawing at B&E Meats