City Administrator Amy Finch receives good rating on evaluation

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

    City Administrator Amy Finch received an overall good rating during her recent evaluation by the City Council, Mayor Dale Stainbrook told the Times. The “ball park” 15 questions asked were based on her performance, how she works with staff and department heads, and following policy.

    A summary of the results will be read to the public during the next City Council meeting on December 13.

    Stainbrook said the evaluation sheet has three categories - “needs improvement”, “meets expectations” and “exceeds expectations”, plus there’s a comment line for each question asked. Once he received the evaluations, he tallied them together, wrote down the comments and put together a summary for the Council’s closed session.  

    “Some things that were brought up were about the strategy session and more on economic development,” Stainbrook explained. “We kind of dusted off the books as far as what we did with the vision of 2035 (Crookston Tomorrow - Comprehensive Plan 2035) and past housing study. I know Robert, our new Community Development Director, is really digging into that now.”

    “Overall she got a very good rating,” he added. “There was a lot of turmoil in her first year here. The budget is no hidden secret and that was a shock to us. As a Council she’s making us answer the hard questions.”

    When asked by the Times if the department heads weighed in on Finch’s evaluation Stainbrook said they did not.

    “We have five new department heads,” he stated. “Maybe next year the department heads could evaluate. They have done it in the past.”

    Stainbrook also mentioned that Finch could be merit for a bump in salary at the next Council meeting.

    “Between it being her first year and going through the budget I think next year will be a little easier.”

Amy Finch