Betty Arvidson honored for 18 years of board service for GMM and GMP

Submitted by Greater Minnesota Management
Crookston Times

Members of the Greater Minnesota Management (GMM) and Greater Minnesota Property (GMP) boards met on September 23 to honor Betty Arvidson for 18 years of service on the board.

GMM Chief Executive Officer, Miriam Buchanan, met Betty at a leadership training nearly 20 years ago. “From the very first day, Betty stood out as someone who was exemplary in every way,” Buchanan said. “I was inspired by Betty.”

Not long after, Buchanan asked Betty to serve on the GMM board. Betty accepted a position on the board and has served on the board of directors for 18 years and has held the position of treasurer for several years.

Buchanan expressed her appreciation for the skill and insight that Betty brought to the board over the years. “Nobody is quicker to look at a lot of financial information and ask a question that is pertinent and that needs to be addressed.” Buchanan went on to say that Betty is someone who is “selfless and always looking out for what is best for the organization.”

Tim Flathers, President of the GMM and GMP boards also expressed his appreciation and thanks to Betty for her service, saying “we will miss Betty on the GMM and GMP boards. She is a woman of tremendous integrity and professionalism who has been a remarkable asset to these organizations.”

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Miriam Buchanan and Tim Flathers present Betty Arvidson with a gift, in honor of 18 years of service on the GMM and GMP boards. Left to right: Miriam Buchanan, Betty Arvidson, and Tim Flathers.