Travis Johnson says he’ll challenge Fischbach as a Libertarian in 2022

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Crookston Times

    Travis “Bull” Johnson, who challenged incumbent Polk County Commissioner Jerry Jacobson in the 2020 election, has announced that he will run as a Libertarian in 2022 for Seventh District representative in the U.S. House. Republican Michelle Fischbach defeated longtime Democrat incumbent Collin Peterson in the 2020 election.

    Johnson’s campaign manager, Essie Fielding, issued the following statement:

    “With the current climate of the country being a tentative one, it is with no hesitation that Travis “The Bull” Johnson has decided to run for the MNCD-07 Congressional seat. The announcement of his campaign for congress has been an exciting idea that has come to reality and is moving past its grassroots to charge at Capitol Hill.     “His mission to support his constituents is firmly rooted in the same areas of concern as the nation.

    “Bull, as he is better known to family and friends, is Veteran Army Sergeant with a background in finance. He is educated in understanding the fiscal responsibilities required to support large scale endeavors. He is also a Minnesota farmer who raises livestock on his property in Beltrami. While he is not a career politician, he is confident that he can serve the people of Congressional District 07 as a congressman.

    “His mission to seek out ways more fiscally conservative to shrink the national debt is based in his interactions with people who feel that overspending needs to be changed. He believes that Veterans require more support in meeting their healthcare needs, especially for those suffering combat related PTSD which has been a major factor in Veteran Suicide. The importance of shrinking the government and working to install term limits also factors into his mission. That said, he has pledged to serve only three terms as a congressman to solidify that opinion and to show he has heard the voices who believe the same.

    “The campaign to elect Bull has turned into a reality that is charging full steam ahead. With the appointment of a campaign manager and working to secure volunteers and staff to help move this mission forward, the people can be assured that he is serious in his vision for the future of this nation. Securing interviews with various podcast artists, speaking at conventions and events, and being active with those on his campaign page on different media platforms shows he is a man who is truly listening to the voices of those who not only support him, but also believe in him, and those who have opposing views.

    “On the evening of September 25th, 2021 at the Crookston Eagles Club, he has the pleasure of hosting his first kick off rally. This event is groundbreaking for Bull’s campaign and the Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate, Spike Cohen, will be joining him for the evening to welcome and meet the residents of CD-07 to hear their concerns and to meet these two visionaries. They both encourage and look forward to meeting you at that event.

    “Donations have been made by various private individuals, none of whom are corporate backers or lobbyists, shows that the people in MNCD-07 have heard his message and believe in his mission for ensuring their voices are heard in Washington. With that said, Bull humbly asks for contributions to his campaign.”

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