Dahlin couple of Euclid ‘emerge’ as Red River Valley leaders

Crookston Times

• Dahlins inducted to the Class of 2021 “Discovering the Power of YET”                        Submitted

    Steve and Janelle Dahlin, Euclid are Polk West County’s representatives in the 2021 Red River Valley Emerging Leadership Program. This dedicated couple stepped up to learn and develop leadership skills in a new way, as the program transitioned to an online and hybrid model of learning during the pandemic.

    Steven farms with his brother, Kyle, on and off their 2,000 acre farm. They raise soybeans, wheat, sunflowers and corn. Janelle is a medical assistant at Truyu Dermatology in Grand Forks. She helps with procedures to remove skin cancer and general dermatology visits. She is also the clerk of Keystone Township and assists on the farm.

    Steve and Janelle along with other rural leaders from 14 counties in the region committed to learning via virtual spaces and embraced variations on a hybrid format. Together they gained insight on personal leadership styles, communication, rural issues, life balance, and facilitating effective meetings. They took a virtual trip to the Minnesota State Capitol which included an online visit with their state legislators about issues affecting their communities.

    The theme for the Class of 2021, “Discovering the Power of YET”, has been just what everyone needed this year...a reminder to focus on what is possible, to view challenges as opportunities, to be creative and take risks, and for each person to own their attitude. Jody Horntvedt, Extension Educator with the program highlights, “The concept of YET has been evident in the many ways that participants embraced learning amidst the challenges in their lives and have been present and committed to taking part in program sessions.”

    University of Minnesota Extension coordinates the Emerging Leadership Program and provides educational content. Local partners include Northwest Minnesota Foundation, Red River Valley Development Association, and many donors from a variety of other sources across the region including ag producer groups, electric cooperatives, community businesses, financial institutions and individuals in counties throughout northwest and west central Minnesota who contribute each year.

    Steven and Janelle were honored for their commitment to leadership and their community during an online recognition live broadcast event on April 6 on the Red River Valley Emerging Leaders Program Facebook page.

Steve and Janelle Dahlin