SUMMIT Resident of the Month Delores Kroll

Crookston Times

    St. Francis Hospital was once a major medical center in Crookston, located next to Walsh Park in the building now known as The SUMMIT Senior Apartments with Assisted Living Services.

    Delores Kroll, LPN, a current SUMMIT tenant, fondly reminisced about the era of St. Francis Hospital.   

    “I was born in Grafton and grew up on a farm by Stephen, the youngest of 3 girls. I would babysit for a neighbor who was an RN and her medical books just fascinated me.  So, after high school, I went on to the Thief River Falls Nursing Program.  My sister, who was a school teacher in Crookston, invited me to ride the bus for a visit and lo and behold, I had a job at St. Francis before I even graduated.  I worked there for 13 years until the hospital closed and merged into Riverview.”

    Most anybody in Crookston that had stepped foot into Riverview, had no doubt seen Delores in her starched whites, rounding the floors.  Delores was well known for her savvy cardiac care.  She reminisced how practice has changed over the years.  

    “In those days, they really didn’t have an ICU.  When somebody was critically ill or sick; they would ‘private duty’ them and that was one of my specialties.  The doctors were excellent at teaching me throughout my career.  Dr. Hirsh was instrumental in sending me to Nashville, where I was one of the 1st LPN’s at a National Cardiac Care Conference to receive a specialty certification as a Cardiac LPN.  And Myrna Gredvig, RN, my Supervisor, taught me how to care for surgical patients when we opened up the ICU.  I enjoyed working there.   I very much liked the monitors and watching the cardiac rhythms.  And in those days you counted your IV’s by the drop and your watch, there were no IV machines.”

    Delores continues to bring her caring presence to The SUMMIT.  

    “My sister and I built a home and enjoyed it for 52 years, there is no place like home but I am very happy here. The church services and activities are my favorites.  I will be glad to get the COVID crisis past us so we can all get back to normal!”

    The SUMMIT Senior Apartments with Assisted Living Services treasures the life experiences of our tenants.  To learn more:

Delores Kroll in her nursing days
Delores Kroll