As low as 99¢ for the first month
As low as 99¢ for the first month

Vera Pester, SUMMIT Apts resident of the month

Crookston Times

    The SUMMIT Senior Apartments with Assisted Living Services treasures the life experiences of our tenants.  

    Anybody that knows Vera Pester will nod in agreement when you learn her high school nickname was “Giggles”.  Vera is the consummate bearer of good cheer to all who know her despite the challenging days of a worldwide pandemic.  “It was so nice when we could travel outside of The SUMMIT again.” Notes Vera as she described the joyful and safe introduction to both of her new greatgrandchildren.  “I have 6 children, 14 grandchildren and 3 greatgrandchildren! It was so wonderful to meet the new babies.”

    Vera was born at home on the farm in Fisher, the fifth in the midst of 10 children.  “We had chickens and sheep on the farm, and I still recall my father walking to Crookston to go to work for the WPA through the depression.  Raising 10 kids on a farm with chickens and sheep, what a responsibility that was for my parents.”  (The Works Progress Administration was a program in 1935 helping build infrastructure through the Great Depression).   

   “My mother seemed to always be baking and cleaning as she raised us kids.”

    Singing in the choir at the Presbyterian Church brought more than a song to Vera’s heart.  It was there she met future husband Edward.  Vera singing alto and Eddie tenor started a courtship that led to a 58 year marriage and a family as cheerful and positive as Vera.  While Eddie farmed and later went over the road semi trucking for 20 years, Vera stayed busy with the kids in 4-H, basketball, football, volleyball and spent many Saturday evenings baking.  

    “I never usually made more than 4-5 pies at a time,” Vera added.  She recounted how trips to the state fair are some of her favorite memories.  “I think I enjoyed the footlong hotdogs and tilt-o-whirl rides with the kids most. While Eddie is gone now, I still have my family.”  

    Vera plans to return home once the pandemic is at bay.  “I came to The SUMMIT for some therapy and then COVID hit so that changed things.  It has been a good place to stay while things settle down out there.”  

Vera Pester