New Crookston City Administrator, Amy Finch, finding her way

Mike Christopherson
Crookston Times

    Understandably, it’s a whirlwind right now for Amy Finch, who officially started as the City of Crookston’s new administrator on Monday. The Times reached out to her, posing a few questions.

    Here’s the exchange:

What's your early schedule like? I would assume you're meeting with just about everyone at city hall and also with various community leaders?

    This week and next week I will be meeting with Council members and staff and attending various meetings with community leaders.

How is the house hunt going? Are you staying at a hotel in the meantime?

    After much searching, we found a home and entered into a contract. We will be staying at a hotel until we close in late November.

Are your sons getting acclimated to a new school district in this crazy school year?

    My sons, Austin and Charlie, both started at Crookston High School last week as 11th and 7th graders.

Any first impressions of Crookston that stand out?

    I have met and worked with some wonderful people in our transition to Crookston from Kansas. The community has made us feel welcome and we are excited to be here.

Are you ready for a northern Minnesota winter?

    We are in for a big change from Kansas winters and we are as ready as we can be!

On her first official day on the job this week, City Administrator Amy Finch, seated, gets a run-through in her city hall office on the City of Crookston’s meeting calendar with Finance Director Angel Weasner. Weasner served as interim city administrator in the months before Finch arrived from Kansas. Weasner will 
continue to perform some administrator-level duties until the end of 2020, as Finch meets everyone and gets up to speed.