Crookston Community Theatre Murder at Sunset Lodge dinner theater a hit

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

Crookston Community Theatre held a dinner theater, "Murder at Sunset Lodge", written by Crookston native Eric Perkins, at the Crookston Eagles Club October 28, 29 and 30 and each performance packed the banquet room. The evening consisted of a three course meal served by the Eagles and two acts with cast Anders Berggren (Greg Benjamin), Jordan Hasbrouck (Robert "Bobby Walters Jr.), Gretta Nordgren (Kari Daniels), Rob Conwell (David Larson), Dani Johanneson (Mary Johnson), Jon Anderson (Richard Williams), Aryanna Ostgaard (Julie Johnson), Mike Flipse (Stanley), Ashley Rystad (Shelby), Jake Fee (Stanley's Understudy), and Eric Roseland (Brian the Campaign Manager.)

The production staff included Joyce Johnson (Director), Sandy Perkins (Assistant to the Director), Steve Krueger and Joe Krueger (Technical Director/Staff), Matt Parnow (Master Carpenter), Set Construction Crew: Eric Perkins, Steve Krueger, Jake Fee, Eric Roseland, Darleen Frishkorn, Jon Anderson, Joyce & Bob Johnson, and Sandy Perkins; Publicity: Sandy Perkins, Joyce Johnson, The Cast, Steve Krueger; Props: Theresa Miller, Jacob Lutz, Zach Lutz; Costumes: Sandy Perkins, Joyce Johnson, The Cast; House Managers: Gaye Wick and Shirley Nielsen, and Makeup/Hair by Ashley Rystad.

Joyce and Sandy wrote in the program: "We are so thankful to a wonderful, talented and fun loving cast! Our weeks together preparing to perform this cleverly crafted 'who done it?' have been more rewarding than words could express. Our many thanks to all the production staff for their time and commitment, and helping over and above what they thought they signed on for. It has been an exciting ride!"

They also paid tribute to CCT's entertainers that have since passed including Glen Torkelson, Brian Myer and Jan Opgrand.

Bobby Walters, played by Jordan Hasbrouck, and Kari Daniels, played by Gretta Nordgren, talk about "Jules"
Photo of the cast following Friday's performance
The cast takes a bow following Friday's performance
David Larson, played by Rob Conwell, offers his surprise as the plot thickens
David Larson played by Rob Conwell
Mary, Richard, Kari, Greg and Bobby during the second act
Greg checks in Bobby and Kari to the lodge during the first act
Greg talks with Richard and Mary
Greg checks in Richard and Mary to the lodge