NWMAC news: Tiny art exhibit, call for submissions

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    The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council (NWMAC) announces “Miniature Magnificence: A Tiny Art Exhibit” featuring more than 133 pieces of art from all over the region.

    The exhibit is open through July 26 at the NWMAC Gallery at Northland Community and Technical College in Thief River Falls.

    Showcase Specialist Trey Everett of Crookston explains: “It's fun to dream up themes for future art exhibits. Our current show, Miniature Magnificence: A Tiny Art Exhibit, came about as I was thinking of how to encourage people to submit artwork. Teaching art and hosting creative workshops over the years, I've learned that the smaller the canvas the less anxiety and fear people seem to have  around creating artwork. ‘What if,’ I thought, ‘the only requirement for an exhibit was that the art had to be very small?’ It worked!  People were so enthusiastic.”

    There are 133 individual pieces of art not counting about 80 to 100 chicken eggs. The exhibit includes four pieces from an artist from Michigan.

    Everett reached out to folk artisans and a number of artists accepted the challenge.

    “We have beautiful and thought-provoking Hardanger embroidery, needle-felted wool, etched depression era eggs, alcohol ink paintings, batik, embroidery with tin on leather and wool, straw craft, pin cushion and so on,” Everett said. “This was a fun exhibit to set up and I greatly enjoy interacting with the amazing creative people in this region."

    Marshall County Artist Jeremy Haug created the etched depression era eggs. He explains: "Eggs are inspiration. Years ago, I heard that artists either add or subtract to make art. Pinching pennies through the pandemic, I didn't want to splurge on paints or dyes for Easter eggs and started playing around with scratching off the outer layer, subtracting from the egg instead of adding the paint. The shape of the egg lends itself well to the simple designs I've been drawing since I was a kid. While etching the eggs the calcium dust that scratches off sparkles in the sunshine; I figure something good is happening."

    Area students also entered work into this exhibit. According to Goodridge-Grygla teacher Betsy Saurdiff, “Students created a series of five mini-paintings and chose their favorite for the show. By working in a series, they were able to develop their ideas further.”

    Debbie Aune, art teacher from Greenbush, said, “We were all over this real art show! I personally have had enough virtual. I made it a requirement for my craft class and my painting class. It was a crash course in watercolor; I gave the kids one hour to finish two small paintings! The urgency made it happen.”

    Finally, artist Cindy Kolling of Gully on her drawings: "These pen and ink drawings are part of a multi-step process that goes into much of my art. I want to make new art that invites viewers to expand their participation in life by developing and sharing appreciation and to consider our local world with fresh insight.”

    A number of these pieces are available for purchase. See http://www.northwestminnesotaartscouncil.org/2021/05/tiny-art-exhibit-is-open-at-nwmac-gallery-at-nctc-check-it-out/ for more information.

    The NWMAC Gallery is located at NCTC in Thief River Falls. Summer gallery hours are Monday-Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Friday from 7:20 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and at other times when events are held at the college. Enter through Door A. Visitor parking is free and at this time in the large end lot. No masks are required.

    For more information about our exhibits look to NWArtsCouncil.org, or if you are an artist interested in exhibiting a body of work with NWMAC, contact  Everett at 280-4917 or email treyeverettcreates@gmail.com.

    This exhibit is made possible with funding from The McKnight Foundation.      Sign up for the NWMAC’s e-newsletter on the website home page to see the latest news and grant announcements. Email director@NWArtsCouncil.org or call 218 745-8886 to reach the office during regular business hours.

Call for elemental writings and illustrations

    The NWMAC also announces a call for writings and illustrations on the subject of the elements, including earth, air, fire, water, and space for an upcoming exhibit July 30 to September 27 at the NWMAC Gallery at NCTC.

    All pieces of work (written and illustration) will be framed by the NWMAC in an 8.5 x 11 frame. If your work is larger than 8.5 x 11 (for example, a longer piece of writing or poetry, a larger illustration, etc.), let Everett know and he will work with you.

    The NWMAC will be offering writing prompts and other inspirational guidance. Stay tuned for more information. Visit http://www.northwestminnesotaartscouncil.org/2021/05/call-to-writers-poets-illustrators-elements-earth-air-fire-water-space/ to learn more.

    For more information and to submit your work for consideration, email Everett at treyeverettcreates@gmail.com with a sample of your written work or a photo of your illustration by July 12. Multiple pieces can be submitted.

Artist Jeremy Haug created etched, Depression-era eggs for the tiny art exhibit. Other submitted photos show other tiny art examples.
Artist Jeremy Haug created etched, Depression-era eggs for the tiny art exhibit. Other submitted photos show other tiny art examples.
Artist Jeremy Haug created etched, Depression-era eggs for the tiny art exhibit. Other submitted photos show other tiny art examples.
Artist Jeremy Haug created etched, Depression-era eggs for the tiny art exhibit. Other submitted photos show other tiny art examples.