Crookston's summer festival Ox Cart Days - Who’s ready for ‘Fun in 2021’?

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Crookston Times

    Crookston’s summer festival, Ox Cart Days, is ready for “Fun in 2021” as their planning committee agreed to keep moving forward on plans for the third week of August events.

    Ox Cart Days chair Jess Bengtson says the committee is working on a few different scenarios for events keeping in mind Minnesota’s current pandemic-related restrictions plus figuring out how long they’ll wait until they alter plans.

    “Like last year, we are trying to stay optimistic as long as possible and will keep everyone informed of how the third week of August will look in Crookston,” Bengtson explained. “While we’re planning for the full festival with all events and hopeful for little to no restrictions, we have to keep in mind that could change.”

    “If the mask mandate is here in August, we’ll oblige,” she added. “If restrictions don’t lighten up our community’s organizers will consider another alternative week with social distance friendly events.”

    The festival’s main events for 2020 were postponed to 2021, but separate organizers stepped up to host a handful of successful events such as the Kid’s Lemonade Stand Contest and the DCDP (Downtown Crookston Development Partnership) Food Truck Fest which will return in August. The 2021 festival, which is scheduled for August 16-22, will include 2020’s planned acts such as the Saturday night street dance with rock tribute band “Snake Oil”, circus themed entertainment Thursday with trapeze artists, fire breathers, and stilt walkers, and more.

    Ox Cart Days’ sponsorships was another planning committee topic and the group previously agreed to carry over any 2020 sponsorships to 2021 plus they’re planning to craft request letters to other potential sponsors who might want to be involved with the festival.

    “As most people know we run solely on community sponsorships and we want to have the best festival possible so we’ll be drafting two letters for potential sponsorships,” said Bengtson. “One will go to those that gave in 2020 as some of those businesses have requested a letter every year as their companies want to continue to give to the festival. Another will go to new sponsors in the area that either haven’t given before or that weren’t able to give in 2020.”

    Information about the festival and any updates can be found on their website or on their social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For anyone that would like to become involved with the committee, sponsor an event or wants to know more about the festival, they can contact Bengtson at 701-610-6454.

Joe Rolette and Crookston’s famous Ox Cart are shown in front of the Red River Valley Winter Shows building in this photo from the archives.