Crookston community gives big on Giving Hearts Day

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

    It was a hopping 24 hours on February 11 in Crookston as Giving Hearts Day 2021 donations raised over $355,000 for the five organizations participating.

    Here’s who raised what:

    • RiverView Foundation - $254,517.22

    • Benedictine Living Community - $45,375

    • Care and Share - $37,492

    • Cathedral School - $13,634.68

    • United Way - $4,460

    Grand total = $355,478.90

    Care and Share’s Executive Director Brian Halos told the Times, “I would like to say thank you to all of those who supported us on Giving Hearts Day and throughout the year! We have a very faithful bunch of donors and I continue to be overwhelmed by their generosity! Their support is critical to our operation as we continue to help those who need it the most. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

    Cathedral School posted on Facebook that money raised with GHD donations would be used for new library books, tuition assistance and technology upgrades. “These smiling faces appreciate your support!” they wrote beside photos of all the students who attend Cathedral Elementary School.

    RiverView Foundation has been a GHD participant since the start of the fundraising event 14 years ago and more than $1.9 million has been raised for RiverView since.

    “Undesignated funds from this year’s event will go toward the Foundation Board of Directors’ commitment to raise up to $3 million for the building project to support the meditation room, Inpatient Unit patient rooms, labor and delivery rooms, and family suites,” RiverView posted in their Facebook event invite.

    Benedictine Living Community in Crookston announced they were raising money for a new van to provide transportation for their residents and tenants, and honored Giving Hearts Day by serving coffee and doughnuts to those who dropped off donations in their heated drive-through garage that day. Last year in 2020 was their first year participating in GHD and they raised money to support their emergency call light system project.

    “As soon as we are allowed to open our doors to outsiders, the crew will be back in to finish the installation,” BLC wrote in a letter to the editor.

    United Way of Crookston held their first Giving Hearts Day fundraising event and raised 44.6% of their goal.

    “It was a fun day and we got a lot of media for United Way, and helped bring more attention to the New Hope Food Shelf so it is all a win-win,” said United Way Executive Director Lori Wagner.

    Giving Hearts Day 2021 for North Dakota and northwest Minnesota raised $21,940,976 with 88,740 total donations, 41,955 total donors, 769 volunteerism pledges and 234 goods pledged, the GHD website reports.

    “Each year, GHD provides a platform for charities to fund their missions through an ever-increasing community of donors, many of whom get to experience the joy of giving for the first time,” said the organization.

    Giving Hearts Day has helped participating charities raise more than $111 million since its founding.

United Way of Crookston Executive Director Lori Wagner, pictured at Valley Technology Park where the United Way office is located, was ready for Giving Hearts Day.