City of Crookston to hold Highway 2 corridor study open house Nov. 15

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The City of Crookston is conducting a corridor study to evaluate the transportation and pedestrian needs of Highway 2 in Crookston and will host an open house Monday, November 15 from 6-7:30 p.m. at City Hall.

The Open House kicks off the corridor study, which is expected to last until next summer. The study will use a community review panel made up of community leaders and volunteers, to closely examine the current issues and create a local vision for the corridor.

The primary goal is to create a future vision for the corridor that:

• Improves safety for motorists and pedestrians

• Manages access

• Improves freight movement

• Aligns with the City’s development goals.

A key focus in accomplishing these goals is determining Highway 2 access management options for key intersections at Sixth Street and Robert Street. The final recommended solution will serve as a long-term implementation tool moving forward for both the City of Crookston and Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Community Review Panel

In order to work more closely with the community, they will seek local leaders, residents and business owners to work directly with project staff throughout the study. This partnership allows for a direct connection to the community through a transparent and collaborative process. The committee will help to identify the current issues and create a local vision for the corridor. These neighborhood leaders will help ensure that community values are represented in the development and evaluation of project alternatives, while fostering conversations within the community.


The purpose of the study is to provide community supported corridor improvement recommendations to the City of Crookston and Minnesota Department of Transportation. Over the course of the study, the committee will:

• Cultivate and represent community members input

• Establish priorities and develop a community vision for the corridor

• Identify and examine issues along the corridor

• Learn traffic safety and engineering concepts

• Develop and evaluate possible alternatives

• Forward a recommended alternative to the City Council

The City of Crookston will develop a committee whose members represent diverse perspectives, including business owners, motorists; residents, bicycle and pedestrians, disabled users, transit, economic development, emergency response, planning, safety, engineering and local governments.

An in-depth study takes time

The corridor study process is expected to wrap up in the summer of 2022. As the study progresses, it will move through a few different phases

• Existing Conditions and Priorities: Project study kick off, Assemble the study committee members to form a Community Review Panel, Establish priorities and identify existing issues

• Alternative Development: Community Panel examines issues and alternatives, Public meeting to share progress and results

• Recommendations: Panel recommends an alternative to City Council, City Council recommends an alternative to MnDOT, MnDOT evaluates/approves City recommendation

• Program and Design: Once an alternative vision is selected it can move into the detail design phase and be programmed for funding


MnDOT and its partners have committed to work with the Crookston community to ensure that the community’s concerns and aspirations are directly reflected in the alternatives developed as part of the Highway 2 Study and to provide feedback on how the community influenced recommendations and decisions.

Crookston Hwy 2 corridor study project area
This infographic shows the different stages of the corridor study process. The study is expected to last through the summer of 2022.