Polk County 2021 road projects to include local #11/Fisher Ave. work

Times Report
Crookston Times

    The Polk County Highway Department has released its list of 2021 improvement projects on various county highways, and it includes the major project on Polk County Highway 11/Fisher Avenue in Crookston’s northeast corner, a project that was delayed by a year. The projects will be undertaken during the spring, summer and fall construction season.

    The list appears below. (Note: CSAH stands for County State-Aid Highway)

    • CSAH 6: Bituminous overlays from CSAH 33 to CSAH 75, Trunk Highway 92 to CSAH 75, and from Fosston to CSAH 3

    • CSAH 11: Bituminous overlay from Crookston to CSAH 46, and reconstruction from North Broadway in Crookston to the eastern city limits

    • CSAH 57: Grading and bituminous surfacing from Trunk Highway 75 to the eastern county line

    • CSAH 1: Bridge reconstructions from .72 miles east of Trunk Highway 32, and from 5.2 miles east of Trunk Highway 32

    • CSAH 29: Stabilized aggregate base from CSAH 9 to the eastern county line

    • County Road 201: Stabilized aggregate base from Trunk Highway 2 to Lengby.

    The traveling public is asked to avoid the construction projects by using alternate routes.

    Anyone seeking more information is asked to call the Polk County Highway Department in Crookston at 281-3952.