Lorntson series: Getting to know Real Good Bath & Body

Savannah Lorntson
Crookston Times

Times Intern Savannah Lorntson, a University of Minnesota Crookston senior, kicks off her small business series where she gets a "behind the scenes" look at the community where she has chosen to get her education. Her first stop is with Carol Simmons and Real Good Bath & Body which is located at 118 South Broadway.

What I learned at Real Good Bath and Body

Last week I met with the owner of Real Good Bath Body, which is located downtown Crookston. Carol Simmons (owner) was nothing short of welcoming when I walked into her shop. As she was in the middle of creating some bath bombs, I asked her some questions about what her journey has been like.

Simmons first became interested in soap-making when she was looking for books with her child at the library, where a soap-making book caught her eye. How cool! Eventually, her husband had gifted her with her very own kit to make soap! The journey only went up from there.

Once Simmons was able to start up her own business, she was originally selling product out of her home – and now has more than one store where she is sharing her passion with the community!

Her motivation to achieve her dreams, from research to spending four years developing a deodorant, is a testament to how lucky we are to have her in the community. Real Good Bath and Body not only creates product with real, good ingredients; but also emits an authentic environment for customers.

Simmons left me with a quote that stuck with me...

“If you can’t be authentic and you can’t do good in the world, then what is the point?”

- which showcases her good nature that radiates in her business.

Real Good Bath & Body owner Carol Simmons works on bath salts in her Crookston shop
Alligator bath bombs at Real Good Bath & Body
Carol Simmons at her Real Good Bath & Body shop in Crookston
Real Good Bath & Body bubble bar and bubble bath