Heroes Rise Coffee in Crookston temporarily closed

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

    Heroes Rise Coffee Company in Crookston is temporarily closed due to “massive equipment failure,” owner Matt VanGrinsven told the Times Monday. He says every piece of equipment they acquired when they took over the space formerly housed by Cofé has failed. Crookston Housing & Economic Development Authority Executive Director Craig Hoiseth told the Times that CHEDA and Heroes Rise owners will be sitting down Thursday morning to discuss the matter.

    Hoiseth says CHEDA and Heroes had an agreement for the used equipment, tables and chairs, coffee bar, and decor before they opened in Crookston and learned that two pieces of equipment failed right away in December but that CHEDA stepped in to take $5,000 off the agreed price and approved a B3 grant for another $5,000 to help the business.

    He also said CHEDA has not taken any money yet for any of the equipment or decor.

    “We want to see Heroes Rise successful and we will do everything in our power to make them successful as we have done thus far,” Hoiseth explained. “Besides the purchase price reduction and the B3 grant, we assisted with Heroes Rise getting a Polk County resiliency grant for $2,500.”

    “We’ve given them favorable terms and when you talk about Dawn and Harold with Cofé and Jerry Snow we’ve spent over $100,000 on a coffee shop in Crookston,” he added. “I love walking in to Heroes Rise, I love buying their coffee. We hope we can figure it out.”

    Heroes Rise opened on University Avenue in Crookston in December and serves specialty coffee, baked goods and lunches. VanGrinsven said they had to shut down their kitchen two weeks ago due to equipment failure and “piece by piece” machines are failing.

    “It’s tough right now as new equipment would be a heavy investment,” explained VanGrinsven. “It’s getting busier, but some months we lost money.”

    “Our bank is nervous and this was not a turn key business,” he added. “Equipment costs are through the roof and we’ll just have to stay closed until we hear back from the bank and CHEDA. We want to be open in Crookston, we want to get back. It’s just that we want to provide a superior product and we can’t do that right now.” 

Heroes Rise Coffee Company