Line 3 replacement project approaching 50% completion, work will soon pause

Times Report
Crookston Times

    The Line 3 Replacement Project is approaching a major milestone with nearly 50% of construction complete overall. Soon, due to seasonal and environmental restrictions, work on the Line 3 Replacement Project will pause for most pipeline construction activities for approximately two months beginning April 1.  Construction will continue at the eight Line 3 pump station facilities.

    “Winter construction has gone very well, and the project is on track for completion late this year,” said Barry Simonson Director of Line 3 mainline construction. “This is a planned two-month hiatus and most pipeline workers will begin coming back to the project in May, with construction restarting on or around June 1. Depending on the type of work they do, some workers may move on to other projects. Others are using this time to be with their families.”

    “Facilities construction will continue on the project’s pump stations during this time,” said Randy Rice Director of Line 3 facilities construction. “We have been moving the last of our control buildings into place, and work at all eight pump station facilities is either on or ahead of schedule.”

    Crews continue to work on trenching, coating, stringing, welding, lowering and backfilling, as well as stabilizing construction areas in anticipation of the spring hiatus.

    Once work resumes, summer and fall plans will include final phases of construction and restoration.