CHEDA to pay Hoiseth around $25K for accrued vacation time

Mike Christopherson
Crookston Times

    The CHEDA Board of Directors this week unanimously agreed to pay CHEDA Executive Director Craig Hoiseth approximately $25,000 for 540 hours of accrued vacation time, which would get him down to 200 hours of accrued time.

    Brady Martz, which conducts the annual audit of the agency, had previously identified Hoiseth’s large amount of accrued vacation time as a liability against CHEDA and that it should be addressed, CHEDA Board President Kurt Heldstab said.

    “We said we’d get it resolved,” he noted, adding that the matter was discussed at a recent closed session to conduct Hoiseth’s annual performance evaluation.

    With Hoiseth down to 200 hours of accrued vacation time, Heldstab said the board will more closely monitor the number “so we don’t get into this situation again.” The plan will be to not let the number rise above 300 hours, he added.

    The feeling among board members who weighed in on the matter was that it needed to be dealt with so the board and Hoiseth could get past it, and not let it happen again.

    The money paid to Hoiseth will be spread out over six to eight months, Heldstab noted.

    Without directly saying it, Heldstab implied or indicated in his remarks that Hoiseth works very hard and puts in long hours and rarely takes vacation time, even if it’s suggested that he take some time off. Heldstab mentioned a recent meeting he had with Hoiseth at his Valley Technology Park office, during which Hoiseth was interrupted two or three times by phone calls that were important enough that he couldn’t have a message taken.

    Heldstab also mentioned that if Hoiseth wants to take more than 10 consecutive days off, his board needs to approve it first.

    Board member Leon Kremeier made the motion to approve the payment to Hoiseth because “we have to deal with this.” But, he added, “We have to have some stops in place in the future.”

    Board member Craig Morgan seconded the motion.

    Board member Tom Vedbraaten put it on the board for allowing itself to get put in the predicament. “The board kept okaying it every year,” he said.

    Hoiseth’s contract allows for 300 hours of accrued vacation time.

    With 60% of Hoiseth’s salary coming from the Economic Development Authority budget and 40% coming from the Public Housing Fund, it source of the $25,000 payout still needs to be determined. The EDA budget includes the City of Crookston’s annual stipend to CHEDA.