‘Colorful Creations’ to open downtown on Halloween

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

    A new Crookston business is opening on Halloween in a familiar downtown building and they call themselves “Colorful Creations.” Erin Wilson and Nicole Reese, along with Nanette Wilson, who used to run the “Crafty Granny” store on Main Street near Crooks Club, are coming together to sell custom items in the Synergy Building on West Robert Street.

    “When two moms get creative you get a small shop and workshop based out of a small building in Crookston, MN,” Colorful Creations wrote in a recent announcement on Facebook.

    Their grand opening event will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday, October 31 at 116 W Robert Street in the Synergy Building.

    Colorful Creations told the Times they rent two rooms from building owner Dillon Fenno and have talked about using the building’s main space while Synergy Nutrition Hub is closed.

    “One of the rooms we rent is used mainly to work on our items and will have the till checkout so everyone can see what we do and what it takes,” they explained. “The other room will be a shopping space where all our priced-out items will be.”

    What kind of items will you find in their store? Custom epoxy items, tumblers, masks, shirts, blankets, and more. Nicole and Erin both specialize in custom t-shirts, and Nicole concentrates on epoxy items while Erin specializes in tumblers and masks. Nanette will be offering her custom tie blankets and tie pillows.

    “Erin has been doing crafting a long time; this is something that was a family pass time. She would also do craft and girls weekends with family two or three times a year for about five years,” they continued. “Nicole has been doing this for about five months.”

    They added that, when given the opportunity to become a shop, they decided it was something they would both feel confident in.

    “We have been friends for quite a while and trust our relationship to be business partners as well,” they said.

    Colorful Creations will take custom orders, bulk orders and more. For more information or to place an order, call or text (218) 289-0282 or (218) 289-7231.

Crookston Colorful Creations