“Be the Light MN” will be happening in Crookston Monday evening at 8:20 p.m. for 20 minutes at Jim Karn Baseball Field at Highland Park Complex (soon to be Ray Ecklund Complex) and at Ed Widseth Field at the University of Minnesota Crookston provided their repair and maintenance of electrical allows.

The “Be the Light MN” movement is a way for schools across the state of Minnesota to honor their students, staff and community by turning on stadium lights during select hours. School buildings have been closed in the state since March 18 because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the movement is meant to be a “symbol of hope that students and teachers will fill their stadiums, classrooms, and hallways again,” said WDIO, an ABC news station, in a recent story.

Crookston Park Board Chair Mike LaFrance told the Times they’d love to see people turn their porch lights on during this time, too, to let students know the community is thinking about them. He has worked with the City of Crookston, Parks & Recreation and the Crookston School District to make the event happen.

Crookston Public Schools Activities Director Greg Garmen told the Times they’re also offering a “ray of hope” to the high school seniors during this difficult time.

Over 100 schools across the state of Minnesota are also participating.

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