Valued at approximately $5,000, it's donated in memory of Butch Hastings

Both the Crookston Pirate boys’ and girls’ hockey teams are hitting the road Friday for two weekend tilts each in southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities area.

“Maybe we’ll have to leg wrestle to see who gets to take it with,” girls’ Head Coach Tim Moe said to boys’ Head Coach Josh Hardy at Crookston Sports Center Thursday.

The “it” Moe’s referring to is a new skate sharpener, valued at approximately $5,000, that has been donated by Marlene Hastings and her family in memory of her husband, Lloyd “Butch” Hastings, who passed away on June 6, 2018 at the age of 79.

Since each of the two varsity locker rooms at CSC, one for the boys’ and girls’ squads, is equipped with a skate sharpener already, the plan is for the new sharpener donated by the Hastings to accompany the hockey teams on their road trips.

“As kids and as we were growing up, Mike and I remember mom and dad always supporting the Pirates, and that helping spirit always stayed with us,” Marlene and Butch’s daughter, Sandy Lindtwed, said at CSC Thursday as Moe and Hardy opened up the sharpener’s case to get a look at the beauty inside. 

Sandy was referring to her brother, Mike Hastings, who, after playing hockey for the Pirates and graduating in 1984 has carved out a distinguished coaching career in the USHL and Division I college hockey ranks that has earned him several accolades. He’s currently head coach of the top team in the land, the Minnesota State University (Mankato) Mavericks.

“We know our dad is smiling down on us right now,” Sandy said. “He was so proud of the Pirates and so proud to support them.”

Sandy’s daughter and Marlene and Butch’s granddaughter, Courtney Lindtwed, a 2017 CHS graduate who’s currently attending UMN Crookston with the eventual goal of getting into dental school, joined them at CSC for a photo.