Football: Jaxon Wang

Coach Scott Butt says: Jaxon Wang is a huge part of our team, he is very solid as a fullback and on defense he is around the ball all the time. Jaxon is a leader on the field with his play.

Volleyball: Libby Salentine

Coach Ashley Stopa says:  Libby is a very vocal, enthusiastic  player.  She brings energy and intensity to practice and games.  Every time she steps on the court she drives to improve herself and her teammates.

Girls Tennis: Eden Haller and Audrey Harbott

Coach Cody Brekken says: Audrey and Eden are the 2 Seniors on the tennis team this year and have completed their high school tennis career.  They lettered and made significant contributions to the varsity team in competitions and in leadership.  Both these girls have been a joy to coach and the tennis program thanks them.