Football - Cade DeLeon

Coach Scott Butt says: Cade DeLeon had a monster game on defense for us. He had 14 tackles and a fumble recovery. Cade is a great young man that has a very bright future, he will only get better as a football player. We are excited to see him mature over the next 2 years.

Volleyball - Rylee Solheim

Coach Ashley Stopa says:  Rylee Solheim is a sophomore who played stellar against Fisher.  She has done a great job of stepping into any role with a smile and working her hardest.  We are very excited to see what Rylee brings to the court in the future!

Swimming - Elizabeth Helgeson

Coach Marley Melbye says: Elizabeth Helgeson is this week’s Swimming Pirate of the Week. Elizabeth always bring personality, laughter and a story or comment to practice and meets.  Elizabeth is brand new to the world of competitive swimming. She has really learned a lot this season, she continues to develop and grow. Elizabeth has improved greatly and has tackled her race of the 100 backstroke, she is driven to cut seconds and enjoys doing that race.

Girls Tennis - Hayden and Halle Winjum

Coach Cody Brekken says: Hayden, left, & Halle Winjum, right - Hayden and Halle Winjum are 10th and 8th grade sisters on the tennis team that are competing individually together as a doubles team.  They both have had lots of success playing as singles players and have only played a handful of doubles matches.  It has been fun watching them expand their doubles knowledge and play this week and will be exciting to see them play together in the individual tournament.