Saturday morning, the girls volleyball team was at the Crookston High School, playing four games- three for the pool and one for placement, all best of three sets. Ending out the day 1-3, they ranked sixth out of the eight teams present. The schools present were Climax-Fisher, Clearbrook-Gonvick, Northome-Kelliher, Bagley, East Grand Forks, Warroad, and Stephen-Argyle. Crookston played against Climax-Fisher, Clearbrook-Gonvick, Northome-Kelliher, and Warroad.

    The Pirates’ first match was against Climax-Fisher, a game of tug of war starting over the leaderboard in both sets. Having held tight to the lead in the first set for a 25-23 victory, they stole the lead in the second set for a comeback win in the second with a score of 25-20, making Climax-Fisher the winners.

    The second match of the morning was Clearbrook-Gonvick, the Pirates taking and losing an early lead, the first set started well at 8-4 for the Pirates but ended with 25-16 in Gonvick’s favor. The second set, the Pirates’ worked for their lead once more, only for error and several opponent scores to tip the scales, ending the set at 25-22, and Clearbrook-Gonvick taking the match.

    Their third pool round was a back and forth battle between Crookston and Northome-Kelliher, the first set going to Northome with 26-24, though the Pirates reclaimed the second set with a power play victory of 25-14, a third round being held. Yet again, the set was swinging from one side of the court to another, but Crookston pulled out the stops at the end to make a 15-13 victory, winning their first match since the start of the season.

    The Pirates’ final match against Warroad was difficult, with several errors right away and good kills from the opposing team that took the first set for Warroad, 25-15. The second set was a battle, trading points until Jasmin Hanson and Kasey Cwikla took the lead with several kills in the latter half of the game, making a close 25-23 victory and requiring a third set. This set ended quickly, due to several quick kills and Pirate errors, taking a 15-4 victory, Crookston solidly in sixth place at the end of the day.

    Jasmin Hanson was at the top of the team, leading in kills with 18, blocks with five, and aces with seven. Kasey Cwikla was also a major player in the day, 15 kills and four aces to her name after the tournament. Emily Funk made an impressive 46 assists and 14 digs, Rylee Solheim ending the day with 16 digs and three blocks. Amelia Overgaard had four aces, Emma Boll with ten kills.