The Pirate girls’ soccer team lost at home Tuesday to the East Grand Forks Green Wave by a 15-0 score. While it’s difficult to put a positive spin on such a lopsided outcome, Pirate coach Sarah Reese says her team, coming off their first win last weekend in Walker, came out strong, moved the ball and defended. The Green Wave didn’t put their first shot past Pirate eighth-grader goaltender Reese Swanson until the 6:24 mark.

    But after East Side scored a couple more goals, they smelled blood in the water, and that pretty much sealed the deal for how the rest of the game would go.

    “High school sports are a great learning opportunity, to learn the game, learn about yourself as  a student-athlete and what it means to win and lose as a team. Yesterday was one of those moments,” Reese said. “For every game, win or loss, if we play competitively for 80 (minutes) and give it our all, then win or lose we are satisfied with that.”

    After the solid Pirate play in the opening minutes Tuesday, the Pirates weren’t able to keep it together after they got down by a few goals, she added.

    “They scored a few quick ones and we were mentally beat,” Reese said. “EGF is a great team, and, frankly, so are we when we come mentally and physically ready to play as a team.

    “We allowed EGF’s history of success to get in our heads, giving them a strong advantage,” she continued.

    The Green Wave scored nine first-half goals and six more in the second half. Swanson made eight saves for the Pirates, while Green Wave goaltender Kadyn Melquist stopped four shots.

    Reese, who’s typically very vocal on the sidelines during games, said she wants to hear a lot of chatter from her players during the game as well, in order to “stir things up when the going gets tough.”

    The Pirates have a lot of potential, she noted, but they need to believe in themselves and work hard to achieve the goals they want to achieve. “We all have good and bad days as individuals and teams,” Reese said. “Today is a new day; we need to reflect on that game and move forward.”