But after Super Bowl LI, I feel the Purple's pain.

The Vikings begin their season this Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. I know many of you are anxiously awaiting this game, and are excited for the season to start. I’ll be watching as well, but I can’t say i’ll be rooting for the home team. As a die hard Atlanta sports fan, there is no way I can go against the Falcons. I may be the only person in town wearing red this weekend, but I will stay strong. I can expect to face backlash from the Vikings fans, but we all know how the game will turn out. With the best wide receiver group in the league and one of the best quarterbacks in Matt Ryan, i’m not worried. The Falcons also return three of their top defensive players from injury, so the defense will be much stronger than last year. I’ll admit that last season was pretty disappointing for the Falcons, but you could say the same for the Vikings. It should be an exciting game on Sunday, but I am confident that Atlanta will walk away with the win. 


Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against The Vikings or any other Minnesota sports teams. It’s just that when they are matched up against a team I root for, I’ll be cheering against them. It hasn’t always been easy being an Atlanta fan, but I have stayed committed. I’m sure you remember Super Bowl LI, where the Falcons were up 28-3 late in the third quarter against the patriots. At that time, it felt like we had won. There was no way the Patriots could come back from a deficit that large. I was convinced the Falcons would finally win a Super Bowl, and that Atlanta would bring home a championship for the first time since 1995. But as the game went on, my heart began to sink deeper and deeper as the Patriots continued to score, and the Falcons offense sputtered. When the Patriots won in overtime, I was in absolute disbelief. The Falcons had just given up the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. I have other vivid memories of the Hawks getting to the playoffs, only to lose to lose to Lebron James and the Cavaliers three years in a row, and the Braves never being able to make it out the first round of the playoffs. I tell these stories not because I want to, but to relate to you Minnesota fans. I know that you guys have had your fair share of trials in sports as well. If there’s common ground between us, it’s that.


Whatever side you’re on, the game this weekend is something to look forward to. I’m pumped that football is back, and hopefully the Falcons vs. Vikings game will live up to the hype. I may be the only Falcons fan in Crookston, but that will make it even sweeter when they win.