They played catch with Stefon Diggs, too

    A Crookston girl, who happens to play football, had her dreams come true when she and her grandmother recently attended her first Minnesota Vikings game at U.S. Bank Stadium. Kianna Simpkins and her grandma, Marcia Meine, were given field passes for the Vikings vs. Cardinals game August 24 and left with more memories than they ever expected.

    Kianna has been a football fan and player since the second grade. Her passion for the game was even more influenced by her football coaches especially Nate Lubarski and Larry Davis, Meine told the Times. She wanted to play football and enjoyed the company of her teammates who were accepting of her.

    “I found out we were going down to visit family, so I contacted the Minnesota Viking office,” Meine explained. “Before I knew it, we had awesome seats. Fourth row from the field along with field passes for the game.”

    “We were both so excited to go to the game,” she added. “We got there and it was a dream come true.”

    Meine said the stadium staff were so helpful and before they knew it they were on their way down to the Vikings home field.

    “Kianna was able to spot her favorite player as he had on white gloves,” said Meine. “He must have heard us say his name as he looked over at us, smiled and waved.”

    A short while later, Meine said that Stefon Diggs was throwing the football to his fans and threw the ball to Kianna. She caught the ball and then threw it back to him. “His facial gesture was priceless!”

    Meine said they had an amazing time at the game and they’re both still filled with excitement. She added that she’s been a Vikings fan for 50 years and finally got to go to a game and on the field.