Nick and Jack Garmen lost to No. 5 Jacob Hageman/Tanner Funk 6-0, 7-6(7-3) in the first round and dropped their last match to Carter Anderson (Sr.)/Ryan Osborne (Sr.) 6-1, 6-2.

MINNEAPOLIS - Nick Garmen (Sr.) and Jack Garmen (Fr.), the Section 8A Doubles Runner-Up, drew the No. 5 seed in the state for Class A, Jacob Hageman (Sr.) and Tanner Funk (So.) from Foley, for their first round, and the Foley pair justified their seeding. After falling to the Foley team, the Garmens lost in two sets to Carter Anderson (Sr.)/Ryan Osborne (Sr.) of Hibbing to end their season.

First Round L 6-0, 7-6(7-3)

    The two from Foley cruised to a 6-0 set one win with killer serving and outlasted the resilient Garmens in the second set for a 7-6(7-3) tiebreaking win to advance to the State Quarterfinals.

    The Pirates won the first two points in the opening game of the first set, but it was all Foley from that point as Hageman/Funk shut out the Crookston duo in a set that lasted about 15 minutes.

    "That was the quickest set, I think, we've played all year," Acting Head Coach Greg Garmen said. "I don't know what was going on. Jack wasn't sharp early. Then he settled in a little bit."

    Greg Garmen stepped in as head coach for the state tournament as the regular head coach, Cody Brekken, reported to National Guard training.

    A different Garmen doubles team emerged from the bench in the second set. Although the two from Crookston lost the first game, they won two in a row and maintained a one-game lead with a 3-2 advantage.

    Hageman/Funk retaliated with two consecutive game victories for a 5-4 lead, and the Garmens returned the favor going ahead 6-5.

    "I think Jack maybe just relaxed a little bit more," Greg Garmen said. "Foley started missing a few serves. We just settled down finally after being shell-shocked that first set."

    After the Foley squad won the following game, the two teams went into a first-to-seven tiebreaker.

    Crookston went down 3-1, tied it 3-3, hit the potential go-ahead point into the net and Foley went on to score the next three and take the set 7-6(7-3) and the match.

    "We got to the tiebreak and needed the one shot that Nick missed," Greg Garmen said. "That seemed to be the turning point. He missed that one, it's 4-3 and they go on and get to seven. Every point is big when it comes down to a tiebreak. We needed to get to the third set, because we were playing better."

    Garmen hoped to see carryover from the second set in the following match.

    "They need to get it going and quit fighting with each other," Greg Garmen joked. "They play better when they fight with each other, so maybe that's alright."

Consolation Quarterfinals L 6-1, 6-2

    With the loss, the Garmens moved to the first round of the consolation quarterfinals against Hibbing's Anderson/Osborne.

    The beginning of the first set suggested a Crookston-controlled match as the Garmens quickly grabbed a 1-0 advantage. However, Anderson/Osborn went on to win the next six games and took the first set 6-1.

    Hibbing won the first game of the second set and preserved their lead through five games ahead 3-2. The Garmens were unable to tack on another game victory, and Anderson/Osborn closed out the win 6-2.

    "They didn't have the zip to get it going," Greg Garmen said. "[After the first set], they were morally defeated. I thought the start of the second set was a little bit better but just couldn't keep it going."

    The Hibbing pair will move on to the consolation semifinals which start on Friday, June 7 at 8 a.m.

    For the Garmens, their season comes to a close. The brothers finished the year with identical individual records at 13-14. Nick Garmen went 6-6 in doubles matches, 7-8 in singles, and Jack Garmen ended at 8-6 in doubles, 5-8 in singles.

    "Getting anybody to the state tournament is good," Greg Garmen said. "It's good to get down to Minneapolis and play a few more matches. It certainly won't hurt Jack. He's seen what he needs to do when you watch all the other kids down here. Nick's had a good run in football, basketball and tennis. He was fortunate to be on some good tennis teams that made it down here three years in a row as a team. It was good he got here as an individual for the first time. Hopefully they had a good time."


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